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This web page is run and mainteined by Suitu Novads Foundation, which is a Suiti non-governmental organization.  Main goal of the Foundation is to unite the whole Suiti community in one Suiti municipality.  We consider it to be a critical pre-condition for the tiny Catholic Suiti community, which has such exceptionally rich cultural heritage, to survive in the future.   

Official name:  Biedrība "Suitu novads"

Chairman of the Board:  Grigorijs Rozentāls (tel:  +371 2919 6396)

E-mail:  grigorijs.rozentals@suitunovads.lv 

Founded:  August 2, 2007

Registered:  August 17, 2007

Registration No. 40008118088

Legal address:  "Dīķenieki", Alsungas novads LV-3306, LATVIA

Members:  30