Old Suiti family names


In the Suiti region, as also in the rest of Courland, family names were given according to the order of Brevern, Civil Governor of Courland, dated from October 29, 1834.  

Introduction of family names replaced the previous identification system, according to which peasants were identified by their name and name of the farm, they were living in.  As society was developing and becoming more free, peasants increasingly started to move around and change their places of residence.  Therefore, to better trace their movements, a family name system had to be applied also to the peasant class. 

Family names were given to every peasant class citizen during 1835, but in church registers they appeared starting from January 1, 1836.  Every head of the family was allowed to choose his family name.  Rules suggested, that all family names had to be "decent and nice-sounding".  It was no allowed to choose family names of noble families.  The same name could not be selected twice.  

Decision had to be taken by the oldest male in the family - a grandfather.  He chose family name for himself, and his choice had to be accepted by all his children and grandchildren.  Even, if they already had established their own families.  If the grandfather was not alive, father could make the decision.  But in this case, every brother and sister was allowed to have different family names. 

The actual procedure was carried out by the courts of peasant municipalities.  If the selected family name was acceptable, it was registered.  Regrettfully, those registers from the Suiti region have been lost.  

As it can be seen below, most of the Suiti family names origined either in Latvian or Polish languages.  But there were also German and even Swedish family names.  Often family names were created from the existing farm names.  In church registers spelling of the new names was often quite liberal.  Same person could have significant differences in spelling from one registration to another.  This can be explained by very low literacy among Suiti peasants at that time.   

The attached list of Suiti family names was created based on family names registered in birth registers from 1836 until 1847 (and also some death registers), of Alsunga congregation.  Therefore it cannot be claimed 100 percent complete, as if no birth would be registered during that period, such a family name would not be included.  Nevertheless, as migration in the Suiti community those days were still low and birth rates high, the list can be considered quite precise.  

In parenthesis, the original spelling of family names is given.  It can be, that we have treated different spelling alternatives of the same name as different names.  And vice versa. Significant genealogical studies would be needed to completely eradicate such possible mistakes.  Names starting with "S" and "Š" sometimes have been used with both letters interchangeably.  There is no certain explanation for that.  It may be, that "Š" was more used instead of "S" in older Suiti languge. 


Adamkovics (Adamkowicz, Adamkowitsch, Adamkiewicz)
Akkorts (Akkorts)
Akotiņš (Akkotiņsch)
Akots (Akots, Akkohts, Akkots)
Alksnis (Alksnis)
Alksnītis (Alksniht, Alksnikis, Alksnitis, Alkšnitis)
Alkšņuzariņš (Alkšchnusariņsch, Alkšnasarrinšch, Alksnssars, Alksnusars, Alkschnesars)
Altiņš (Altiņš, Altinšch, Altišch)
Andrevics (Andrewicz)
Aniņš (Aniņsch, Annin, Aninšch, Aninsch)
Ansevics (Ansewicz, Ansowicz, Ansawicz, Anšawicz, Anšewicz, Ansawitsch)
Ansons (Ansohn, Anson, Anhson)
Antavics (Antawicz, Antowicz)
Ante (Ante)
Antiņš (Antiņsh, Antiņsch, Antinšch, Antin, Antinsch)
Antonovics (Antonowicz)
Antovičs (Antowitsch)
Anušavics (Anuschawicz)
Apcieris (Apcieris, Apiceers, Apiceer)
Apenis (Apenis, Apens)
Apiņš (Appisch, Appinšch, Appinsch)
Apšuleje (Apšchuleje)
Arkliņš (Arklinsch)
Audriņš (Audrisch) 


Āboliņš (Ahboliņsh, Abolinšch, Abolišch, Abolin, Ahbolinšch, Ahbolinsch, Abolisch, Abolinsch)
Ābols (Ahbols)
Āpsis (Ahpshis, Ahpschis, Ahpsis, Ahpšis, Apschis, Ahps, Apšis, Apssis)
Āpša (Apša, Ahpscha, Apscha)
Āzis (Ahsis) 


Balandiņš (Balandiņsch, Balandinšch)
Balatovics (Balatowicz, Balatawicz)
Balevics (Balewicz, Ballawicz, Balawicz, Ballowitsch)
Balgalis (Balgalis, Balgals)
Balodis (Ballods, Ballodis, Balohdis, Ballod)
Balskars (Balskars)
Baltiņš (Baltinšch, Baltin)
Bebrus (Bebrus)
Bekers (Beker)
Bersevics (Bersewicz, Bersowicz, Berschewicz, Bersewitsch)
Bertovics (Bertowicza, Bertowicz)
Berzevskis (Bersewski)
Bēkis (Behkis)
Bēkmans (Behkmans, Behkman)
Bērs (Behrs)
Bērtulsons (Behrtulsohns)
Bērziņš (Behrsisch, Behrsinšch, Behrsin)
Bērzīts (Behrsits)
Bētiņš (Behtinšch)
Bētliņš (Behtlinšch, Betlinsch, Betlisch)
Bētmans (Behtmann, Behtman, Behtmans)
Bierands (Beerandt, Beerands, Beerant, Beerants)
Bildinovskis (Bildinopski)
Birgelis (Birgelis)
Birinkungs (Birinkungs)
Birišs (Birišch)
Blāzis (Blasis, Blahsis)
Bloms (Bloms)
Blūms (Blums)
Boje (Bohje)
Borkiuss (Borkius)
Braslus (Braslus)
Brālitis (Brahlits, Brahlitis)
Brensons (Brensohns)
Briedis (Breedis, Briedis)
Brumans (Brumans, Bruhmans)
Brunakals (Brunakals)
Brunmanis (Brunmannis)
Brūders (Bruders, Bruder, Bruhders)
Brūkle (Bruhkle, Brukle)
Brūkliņš (Bruhklinsh)
Brūvers (Bruwers, Bruhweris, Bruwer, Bruhwer, Bruhwers)
Bulduris (Bulduris, Buldur)
Bullevics (Bullewicz)
Bullis (Bullis, Bulle)
Bullītis (Bullitis)
Bumbulis (Bumbula, Bumbulis, Bumbuls, Bumbul, Bumbule, Bumbulu)
Bumeisters (Bumeister, Bumeisters)
Bungans (Bungam, Bungans)
Bungats (Bungats)
Bunte (Bunte, Bunts)
Buntovics (Buntowicz, Buntewicz)
Buntukalns (Buntukalns, Buntukaln)
Burinskis (Burinskis, Burinski, Buhrinski)
Burkis (Burkis)
Burmeisters (Burmeisteris, Burmeisters, Burmeister, Burmeišter, Burmejster)
Butkēvics (Butkiewicza, Bukiewicz)
Būdenieks (Budeneeks)
Būdiņš (Budišch, Budinšch)
Būmeisters (Buhmeister) 


Caupiņš (Caupinšch)
Cebla (Cebla)
Ceinis (Ceinis, Cejnis)
Celmiņš (Celmišch, Celminšch, Celiminšch, Cehlminsch)
Ceļmalis (Celmalis)
Cepurītis (Ceppuritis, Ceppurite, Cepurite)
Cersups (Cersups)
Cērmans (Cehrman)
Cērpiņš (Cehrpinsch, Cehrpin, Cehrpinšch, Cehrpisch)
Cērps (Cehrps, Cehrpis)
Cērtuks (Cehrtuks)
Cērtups (Cehrtups)
Ciema (Ceema)
Ciermans (Ceerman)
Cinaus (Cinaus)
Cinovskis (Cinuschkis, Cinowski, Cinawskis)
Cīrulis (Cihrulis, Cirull, Cihruls, Cihrulšch, Cihrul, Cirulis)
Cīrulītis (Cirulitis) 


Čabe (Tschabe)
Čēba (Čehba)
Čīme (Czyme, Tschima) 


Dabbars (Dabbars, Dabars)
Dadzis (Dadzis)
Dāgalis (Dahgalis)
Dārznieks (Dahrzeneeks)
Deklau (Deklau)
Deksnis (Dekšnis, Deksnis)
Dildiņš (Dildinsch)
Dimanovskis (Dimanowski)
Dīķis (Dihkis)
Dominiks (Dominiks)
Donis (Dohnis)
Drava (Drawa, Drawe, Drahwe)
Dravnieks (Drawineek, Drawneeks)
Drebulis (Drebul)
Dregnus (Dregnus)
Dreimanis (Dreiman)
Drigonis (Drigohnis)
Drigoris (Drigoris, Drigori, Drigohris)
Drigulis (Driguls, Drigul)
Dublis (Dublis)
Dundurs (Dundurs, Dundur)
Dundže (Dundsche)
Dupats (Dupad, Dupat, Duppata)
Dupovics (Dupowicz)
Dusevics (Dusewicz)
Dušuls (Duschul, Duschelis, Duschilis)
Dūdiņš (Duhdin, Dudiņsch, Dudisch, Dudišch, Dudinšch, Dudin, Duhdinšch)
Dūriņš (Duhrisch)
Dzeltpiņš (Dseltpinsch)
Dzenis (Dsenis, Dsennis)
Dzenītis (Dsennits) 


Egle (Egle)
Eglevičs (Eglewicz)
Eglīte (Eglite)
Eglītis (Eglits, Eglit)
Einrekis (Einrekkis)
Enģelis (Engelis, Engel, Engels)
Enģelītis (Engelits)
Esiņš (Esiņsh)
Evelītis (Ewelicz) 


Ēciņš (Ehcish, Ehciņsch, Ehcinšch)
Ērce (Ērce)
Ērciņš (Ehrciņsch,Ehrcinšch, Ehrcinsch)
Ērcis (Ehrcis) 


Fišers (Fišcher)
Freimanis (Freiman)
Frīdbergs (Friedberg)
Fukss (Fuchs) 


Gailis (Gailis, Gajlis)
Gailītis (Gailihts, Gailitis, Gailits, Gajlitis)
Gaišums (Gaišchums)
Galbāliņš (Galbahlin, Galbahlišch, Galbališch, Galbahlins, Galbalinšch, Galbalinsch)
Galbālis (Galbalis, Galballis)
Galiņš (Galinšch, Gallišch)
Gals (Gals)
Gavers (Gawers, Gaweris)
Gavrels (Gawrel)
Gāčs (Gahtšch, Gahtšchu, Gahtsch, Gatsch, Gatsche)
Gedults (Gedults)
Gembergs (Gemberg)
Gendralis (Gendralis, Gendral)
Gēkis (Gehkis)
Glāziņš (Glahzišch)
Gleizups (Gleisups, Gleisup, Glisups, Glejsups)
Goldberģis (Goldbergis)
Gotfrīds (Gotfried, Gotfrids, Gottfrics)
Grasis (Grasis)
Graudiņš (Graudinsh, Graudinšch, Graudin, Graudinsch)
Graviņš (Griawinsch, Grawin, Gŗawinšch, Griawinšch)
Grenevičs (Grinewicz, Grenewicz)
Grieziņš (Greesin)
Griezis (Greezis)
Gririevics (Gryriewicz)
Grīnbergs (Grinberg)
Grīnholcs (Grünholz)
Grotkovskis (Grotkowski)
Grudavics (Grudawicz)
Grudmans (Grudman)
Grunte (Grunte)
Gruntmanis (Gruntman, Gruntmann, Gruntmans)
Gudewics (Gudawicz, Gudewicz, Gudowicz, Gudowitsch)
Gudiņš (Gudinšch, Gudišch, Gudinsch, Gudisch)
Gudriņš (Gudrinšch)
Gulberģis (Gulbergis)
Gulbis (Gulbis)
Gustiņš (Gustinsch)
Gusts (Gusts, Gušts)
Gūča (Guhtscha)
Gūmans (Guhmans)
Gūtmanis (Gutman, Gutmans) 


Ģēģeris (Geger) 


Ignovskis (Ignowskis, Ignowski, Ignawski)
Intnavics (Intnawicz)
Irbe (Irbe, Eerbe)
Ivanovskis (Iwanowski)
Ivans (Iwans) 


Jakobkovics (Jakobkowicz)
Jakupkievics (Jakupkiewicz)
Jambergs (Jamberg)
Jancis (Jancis)
Janevics (Janawicz, Janewicz, Janowicz)
Jancītis (Jansit)
Jankobs (Jankobs)
Jankovskis (Jankowski, Jankowški, Jankowskis)
Janopskis (Janopski)
Janovics (Janowitsch, Janowicz)
Janovskis (Janowski)
Jansons (Jansons, Jansohn, Jansohns)
Jaunars (Jaunars)
Jaunzemis (Jaunsemmi, Jaunsemis, Jauseme, Jaunsemme)
Jaunzemnieks (Jaunsemneeks)
Jembergis (Jembergis)
Jenaris (Jenaris)
Jenerālis (Jendrahlis, Jenerals, Jenrals, Jendralis, Jendrals, Jendral)
Jekobkēvics (Jekobkiewicz, Jekobkowicz)
Jēkabsons (Jakobson, Jakobsohn, Jehkabsohn, Jehkabson, Jehkapson)
Jēre (Jehre)
Jērevics (Jehrewicz)
Jēriņš (Jehrinšch, Jehrinsch)
Jēris (Jehris)
Jonelis (Johnels, Johnelis)
Jutcis (Jutcis) 


Kaibuts (Kaibuts)
Kalējs (Kaleis, Kallejs)
Kalnavics (Kalnawicz)
Kalninieks (Kalnineeks, Kalneneek, Kalneneeks)
Kalniņš (Kalninsh, Kalninsch, Kalninšch, Kalnin)
Kalns (Kalns)
Kaltenieks (Kalteneeks, Kalteneek)
Kaltiks (Kaltiks, Kaltik, Kaltikis)
Kaltiņš (Kaltišch)
Kaminskis (Kaminski, Koninski, Kaninski, Kaminški, Kaminskis)
Kandovskis (Kandowski, Kandauski)
Kannenieks (Kananeeks, Kanneneks, Kananek)
Kanovics (Kanowicz)
Kantanovics (Kantanowicz)
Kantiķis (Kantik, Kantiks)
Kapenieks (Kapeneeks)
Kapens (Kapen)
Kapiņš (Kappišch, Kapišch, Kappinsch, Kapihsch)
Karkļavics (Karkļawicz)
Karlavics (Karlawicz, Karlowicz)
Kartovics (Kartowicz)
Kautiņš (Kautin, Kautiņ, Kawtinsch)
Kāpiņš (Kahpinsh, Kahpišch, Kahpinšch)
Kāpis (Kahpis)
Kāpnieks (Kahpneeks)
Kārkliņš (Karkliņsh, Kahrkliņšh, Kahrklinšch, Kahrklišch, Karklišch, Karklinšch, Kahrklin, Karklin, Kahrklinsch)
Kebre (Kebre)
Kelevics (Kelewicz)
Kembers (Kember)
Kemerliņš (Kemmerlinsch)
Kemers (Kemlers, Kemers, Kemer)
Kibi (Kibi)
Kielkēvics (Kielkiewicz)
Kimenskis (Kimenski, Kiminski)
Klaviņš (Klawiņsch, Klawinšch, Klawinsch)
Klāviņš (Klahwin, Klahwinšch, Klahwinsch)
Klungstovics (Klungstawicz, Klungstowicz, Klungstowitsch)
Klungsts (Klunksts, Klungsts, Klungšts, Klungšt, Klungšta)
Klūga (Kluhga, Kluhge, Kluge)
Knapkens (Knapkens, Knappekens)
Knapšs (Knapsch, Knapsche, Knapšch, Knapšche)
Knauķis (Knawkis)
Knausis (Knausis, Knausihts, Knaušis, Knauš, Knawsis)
Knibiškis (Knibišchki)
Kniblevičs (Kniblewitsch)
Knibnevics (Knibnewicz, Knibewicz)
Knipens (Knipens)
Knipis (Knipis)
Knipše (Knipsze, Knipscha, Knipšch, Knipšche, Knipsche)
Knipškis (Knipšchkis)
Knipšs (Knipšch, Knipsch)
Knopkiens (Knopkiens)
Knutiņš (Knutiņsch)
Knūts (Knuhts)
Koks (Koks)
Kontovics (Kontowicz)
Kopels (Koppel)
Kopens (Koppens)
Kopiņš (Kuohpinšch)
Kopkens (Kopkens)
Kotkens (Kotkens)
Kraps (Kraps)
Kraulis (Kraulis)
Krāns (Krahns, Krohns)
Kreidens (Krejden)
Kreider (Kreider)
Kreidmans (Kreidman)
Kreiters (Kreiter)
Kreščevics (Krešchewicz)
Kriederis (Kreederis, Kreeteris)
Krippa (Krippa)
Kripškis (Kripšchkis, Kripschkis)
Kristovics (Kristowicz, Kristewicz)
Krīzolis (Krihsolis)
Krizulis (Krisulis, Krisuls, Krisul, Krihsuls)
Kronbergs (Kronberg, Kronbergis, Krunbergis)
Krūga (Krugge, Kruhga, Kruggis, Krugis)
Krupits (Krupits)
Krutkai (Krutkai)
Krūmiņš (Kruminsch, Kruhminšch, Krumin)
Kukšiņš (Kukschinsch)
Kulbards (Kulbards)
Kulbarzis (Kulbarsis)
Kulberģis (Kulbergis)
Kums (Kums)
Kunds (Kunds)
Kunstans (Kunstans)
Kuntrakts (Kontrakts, Kuntrakts)
Kuntrāts (Kuntrahts, Kuntrats, Kunhrahts)
Kviesis (Kweešis)
Kviesītis (Kweešitis, Kweesitis, Kweesits, Kwiešihts, Kwiesitis)
Kezbergs (Kesberg) 


Ķemberis (Ķemberis)
Ķezberite (Kesberite)
Ķezbers (Kesber, Kesbere, Keesbere)
Ķīvītis (Kihwits, Kihwit, Kihwitis, Kiwits) 


Labdzeris (Labdseris)
Labzaris (Labsaris)
Lagzda (Lagsda, Lagsde)
Lagzdiņš (Lagsdiņsch, Lagsdiņšch, Lagsdin, Lagsdinšch, Lagsdinsch)
Laipiņš (Laipinšch, Laipišch, Laipin)
Lanksargs (Lanksarg)
Lapiņš (Lappiņšh, Lapišch, Lappinšch, Lappinsch)
Laprats (Laprats)
Lācenieks (Lahceneeks)
Lācis (Lahtshis, Lahcis, Lahtschis, Lacis, Lahtcish)
Lācītis (Lahcitis)
Leipniņš (Lejpninsch)
Leje (Leje, Leije)
Lepevics (Lepewicz)
Leve (Lewe)
Lezeriņš (Leserin)
Libaunieks (Libauneeks)
Liblevics (Liblewicz)
Liepovics (Leepawicz, Leepowicz, Leepowitsch)
Liepājnieks (Leepaineeks)
Liepinieks (Leepineeks, Leepeneeks, Liepinieks)
Liepiņš (Leepinsh, Leepiņšch, Leepinšch, Leepin, Liepinsch)
Lilientāls (Lilienahl, Lillientahl, Lilienthal)
Linbergs (Linberg)
Lindenbergs (Lindenberg)
Linsiņš (Linsišch)
Lipšnevics (Lipšchnewicz)
Lībeģis (Lihbegis)
Līksenklis (Lihksenklis)
Līniņš (Lihnišch)
Līpiņš (Lihpiņšch, Lihpinšch, Lihpin)
Lubits (Lubitsc, Lubitti, Lubis)
Lukevics (Lukewicz)
Lūks (Luhks)
Lūsis (Luhšis, Luhsis) 


Mabievics (Mabiewicz)
Macpans (Mocpani)
Magone (Magone)
Makevics (Makewicz, Makiewicz)
Malapški (Malapschki)
Malevskis (Malewski)
Malinovskis (Malinowski)
Maravics (Marawicz)
Markevics (Markewicz, Makkewicz, Markawicz, Markewitsch, Markiewicz)
Martevics (Martewicz, Mahrtewicz)
Matevics (Maczewicz, Matshewicz, Matscheweec, Matšchewicz, Matschewicz)
Matšikēvics (Matschikewicz)
Matvei (Matwei)
Maule (Maule, Maulis, Maula)
Mauris (Mauris)
Mazzariņš (Massaring, Magsariņsch, Magicissarrišch, Magsarrin, Magsarinšch, Maģaissarrinsch, Maģsarrinsch)
Mājet (Mahjet)
Māliņš (Mahlish, Mahlinšch)
Mālukalns (Mahlukalns)
Mātars (Mahtar, Mahtars)
Megnis (Megnis, Megniu)
Meiris (Mejris, Meiris)
Meirovskis (Meirowski, Mejrowski)
Meiruka (Meiruka)
Meirups (Meiruhps, Mejrups, Meirups)
Meisters (Mejsters)
Melberģis (Melbergis)
Melderis (Melderis)
Melnovskis (Melnowski)
Mengevics (Mengewicz)
Menģis (Mengis)
Meniņš (Menning)
Mēris (Mehris)
Mētars (Mehtars, Mahtars, Mehter)
Mētelis (Mehtelis, Mehtals, Metels)
Mētra (Mehtra)
Mētriņš (Metrinšch)
Miecevičs (Miecewicz)
Miezais (Miesais)
Miezītis (Meesitis, Meesits, Miesitis)
Mikaļovskis (Mikaļowski)
Mikelei (Mikelei, Mikkelej)
Mikelevics (Mikelewicz, Mikelwicz)
Miklovics (Mikklowicz, Miklowicz)
Miķelsons (Mikelsohn, Mikkelson, Miķķelsan)
Milsters (Milster)
Miltovics (Miltawicz, Miltewicz, Miltowicz, Miltewitsch)
Mitovics (Mitowicz)
Moža (Mohsa, Mohsis, Mosis, Moses, Mohses)
Mucinieks (Mucineeks, Mucineek, Mucceneek, Muccineek)
Muižarājs (Muischerai)
Musers (Musers)
Mūrītis (Muritis)
Mūrnieks (Muhrenek) 


Nagliņš (Naglinsch, Naglisch, Naglinšch, Naglin)
Naglis (Naglis)
Nāve (Nahwe)
Negrauskis (Negrauski)
Niedoliņš (Needolisch, Needolin, Niedolinsch)
Nikkas (Nikkas)
Niklai (Niklai)
Niklovics (Niklowicz)
Nināks (Ninahks)
Novickis (Nowicki) 


Olstreiks (Olstreik, Olsreich, Olštreich, Olsehtrejts)
Osis (Ošis, Ohšis, Ohsche, Ohschis, Ohsis)
Ošenieks (Ohšcheneeks, Ošeneeks, Ohschineek, Ohschiniek)
Ošiņš (Ohšinsch)
Ošītis (Ohšihts, Ohsits, Ohšits)
Ozoliņš (Ohsolinsh, Ohsoliņsch, Ohsolin, Ohsolinšch)
Ozols (Ohsols, Ohsol) 


Pabērzis (Pabersis, Pabehrsis)
Paegle (Paegle)
Paeglis (Paeglits, Paeglis)
Paipiņš (Paipišch)
Palācis (Palahcis, Palacis)
Papārdiņš (Papahrdiņšch)
Papārs (Papahr)
Paulins (Paulin, Pawlin)
Paulis (Paulis)
Paulovics (Paulowicz)
Pazariņš (Pasarinšch)
Pazaris (Pahsars, Pasaris)
Pelkmans (Pelkmans, Pelkman)
Pele (Pelle, Pele)
Pelīte (Pelite)
Perdovics (Perdowicz)
Perdovskis (Perdowski, Perdawski, Pehrdaušchkis)
Perševics (Perschewicz, Peršchewicz, Perschewitsch)
Peterkovics (Peterkowicz)
Peterlevics (Peterlewicz)
Petrelevics (Petrelewicz, Peterlewitsch)
Petrevics (Petrewicz, Petrawicz)
Petrovics (Petrowicz, Pehtrowitsch)
Petrovskis (Petrowski)
Pēle (Pehle)
Pērsis (Pehrsis, Pehršis, Pehrschis)
Pētersons (Petersohn, Pehtersons, Pehtersohn, Peterson, Pehterson, Pehtersohns)
Pētervics (Pehterwicz)
Pietrovics (Peetrowitsch)
Pidvilts (Pidwilts, Pidwilc)
Pigoriņš (Pigorinsch, Pigorišch, Pihgorišch, Pigorisch)
Pigors (Pigor)
Pikevics (Pikewicz, Pikkewicz, Pikiewitsch)
Pilcmanis (Pilcmans)
Pilkevičs (Pilkewitsch)
Pilkis (Pilkis)
Pimanovskis (Pimanowski)
Pinkulis (Pinkuls)
Piršenieks (Pirscheneeks)
Pitkēvics (Pitkiewicz, Pitkewicz)
Pīkša (Pihkšcha, Pihkscha, Pikscha)
Pīkše (Pihkšche, Pihksche)
Pīkškis (Pihkschkis, Pihkschis)
Pīkškovskis (Pihkschkowskis)
Pīkšs (Pikšch, Pihkšchu)
Pjotrovskis (Piotrowski)
Plūniņš (Pluhnišch)
Polis (Pohlis)
Popis (Popis)
Poriķis (Porikis, Pohrikis, Phorikis)
Poriņš (Porisch, Pohrišch, Pohrinšch, Porišch, Pohrin, Pohrinsch)
Porītis (Pohritc, Pohric)
Porziņģis (Pohrsingis, Porsingis)
Pratkovskis (Pratkowski)
Preimanis (Preimans, Preiman, Preimannis, Prejmann)
Preliņš (Prelinšch)
Priedavics (Preedawicz, Preedowicz)
Priediens (Preedens, Preedeens)
Priedoliņš (Preedolinsch, Preedolisch, Preedolinšch, Preedolišch, Preedolin, Priedolinsch)
Priedols (Preeduls, Preedohls, Priedols, Priedolis)
Priežugals (Preeschugals)
Priežukalns (Preeschukalns)
Prinka (Prinka)
Prūsis (Pruhšis, Pruhsis, Pruhss, Prussis, Prusis)
Pukšāts (Pukšahts)
Pukšis (Pukšis)
Pukta (Pukta)
Pulavics (Pulawicz)
Pulvītis (Pulwitz)
Punslavs (Punslau, Punšlau, Punslaus, Punclaus)
Putniņš (Putņinsch, Putniņsch, Putninšch, Putnin, Putnins, Putninsch)
Putnis (Putnis)
Putnovics (Putnowicz, Putnawicz)
Pūka (Puhka)
Pūpoliņš (Puhpolišch, Puhpulinšch)
Pūris (Puhris, Puhri)
Pūrītis (Purits, Puhrits, Puhrit, Puhritis, Puhritz)
Pūzerelis (Puhserelis) 


Raģelis (Ragelis)
Raibainis (Rajbajnis)
Raibars (Raibars, Raibarsis)
Raibarts (Raibarts, Rajbats)
Raiborgis (Raiborgis)
Raistiņš (Raistisch, Raistinšch, Raistin, Raištišch, Rajstinsch)
Raušmauls (Raušchmaul)
Rāviņš (Rahwiņsch, Rahwinšch, Rahwin)
Redeļkalns (Redelkaln)
Reinholcs (Reinolz, Reinholz, Renholz)
Reinholds (Reinhold)
Reinis (Reinis, Reins, Reine)
Remesovičs (Remesowicz)
Reneus (Reneus)
Rensts (Renst, Rensts)
Riekstiņš (Reekstinsh, Reekstinšch, Reekstinsch)
Rieksts (Reeksts, Reekšts)
Rinkewics (Rinkewicz, Rinkawicz, Rimkiewicz)
Renovics (Renowicz)
Robezis (Rohbesis, Robesis)
Robežs (Rohbesch, Rohbes)
Rodziņš (Rohdsinsch)
Rogis (Rohgis, Rogis)
Ronis (Rohnis, Ronis)
Roze (Rohse, Rohsis, Rosis)
Rozenbergs (Rosenberg)
Rozenfelds (Rosenfeldt, Rosenfeld)
Rozentāls (Rosentahl, Rohtentals, Rosenthal, Rosental, Rotentals, Rohsenthal, Rosenhtal)
Rozīte (Rohsite)
Rubekle (Rubekle)
Rudovics (Rudowicz, Rudawicz, Rudewicz, Rudowitsch)
Rudzais (Rudsais, Rudsajs)
Rudzis (Rudsis)
Rudzītis (Rudsits, Rudsitis, Rudsischis)
Rukis (Rukis)
Rukmanis (Rukman)
Rumkus (Rumkus)
Rummuls (Rummuls, Rumuls)
Rungevics (Rungewicz, Rungewitz)
Runģis (Rungis)
Runģītis (Rungitis, Rungits)
Rutkovskis (Rutkowski)
Rutkus (Rutkus) 


Salmiņš (Salminšch, Šalminsch, Šalmin)
Salms (Salms)
Sapans (Sapans)
Saulejs (Sawlejs)
Saulesleja (Sauleslehje, Šaulesleje, Saulesleije)
Senkēvics (Senkiewicz, Senkewicz)
Seskus (Seskus, Šeskus)
Sidakšs (Sidaksch)
Sikmans (Sikmans)
Silakauls (Sillakauls, Šillakauls, Silkaulinsch)
Simsons (Simson, Šimšon)
Sišsens (Sišsens)
Sīlitis (Sihlits)
Skoliņš (Skolišch)
Skolmeisters (Skolmeisters, Školmeister, Školmeišter, Školmeisters, Školmejsteris, Skohlmejsteris, Školmejsters)
Slavinskis (Sļawinski, Slawinskis, Slawinski)
Slepslenderis (Slepslenderis)
Sonbergs (Sonberg)
Splitiņš (Splitinšch, Splitisch)
Sproģis (Sprogis)
Spuriņš (Spurišch)
Stals (Stal)
Steinbergs (Steinberg, Stejnbergis)
Stendevics (Stendewiecz, Stendewicz, Stendewitsch)
Sternbergs (Sternberg, Šternbergis, Šternberg)
Stierna (Stierna)
Stīpiņš (Stihpiņsh, Stihpinšch, Stihpin, Stipins, Štihpinšch)
Stradzis (Stradsis, Stadšis)
Stragzds (Stragsds, Stragds)
Straumiņš (Straumiņsch, Strauminšch)
Strauss (Straus)
Strautavics (Strautawicz)
Strautmanis (Strautman, Strautmans)
Strazda (Strazda)
Strejlupskis (Strejlupski)
Strelevics (Strelewic, Strelewicz)
Strelovskis (Strelowski)
Strēlau (Strehlau)
Strēle (Strehle)
Strikevics (Strikewicz, Strihkewicz, Štriķķewicz, Strikiewicz)
Strīke (Strihke, Strihkiu, Strihkis, Strikis)
Strojēvičs (Strojewitsch)
Strujēvics (Struiwicz, Štrujewicz, Struiewicz, Strujewicz, Štruiewicz, Strujewitsch)
Strujopskis (Strujopski, Strujowski)
Strullis (Strulis, Strullis)
Stucis (Stucis, Stutz)
Stucmans (Stucman, Štucman, Stucmans)
Sturmans (Sturman)
Sunapskis (Sunapskis)
Sūniņš (Suhninsch, Suhninšch, Šuhninšch)
Sūriņš (Suhrinsch) 


Šakne (Šaknis, Šakne)
Šaknīte (Šaknite)
Šalpiņš (Šalpin, Šalpinšch, Šalpinsch)
Šandovics (Šandowicz)
Šapals (Šapals, Sappals, Sapals)
Šapniņš (Schapninsch)
Šauleis (Šauleis)
Šavle (Šawle)
Šedlevics (Šedlewicz, Seglewitsch)
Šedliņš (Šedliņsch, Šedlišch, Šedlisch, Sedlinsch, Šedlinšch, Šedlin, Sedlin, Šedlinsch, Sedlišch, Sedlisch)
Šegliņš (Šeglinšch, Šeglisch)
Šendrovics (Šendrowicz)
Šenkevics (Šenkewicz)
Šeplers (Šcheplers, Schepleris)
Šēkliņš (Šehklišch, Šehklin, Sehklisch, Šehklinsch)
Šics (Schitz, Šchiz)
Šilakauliņš (Šillakaulin)
Šilarājs (Šillarais, Sillahrajs)
Šilatenne (Šillatenne)
Šiliņš (Šillinšch, Sillisch, Sillinsch, Šilinsch)
Šilovics (Šillewicz, Šillowicz, Šiļawicz, Šillawicz, Sillawicz, Silowicz)
Šils (Šils, Sils)
Šimsons (Šimson)
Šināds (Šinahds)
Šinepis (Šinepis)
Šīlis (Šihlis, Sihlis, Sihlic)
Šīmanis (Šihmans, Sihmanis, Šimans)
Šīpols (Šihpols)
Šišens (Šiššens)
Škapiņš (Škapinšch)
Škiliņš (Schkilings, Schkilin, Šchkillingis)
Škituzis (Schkitusis)
Škītlaks (Schkihtlak, Schkihtlaks)
Škrundinieks (Škrundineeks)
Škudra (Škudra, Škudre, Skudra, Skudre)
Škudriņš (Škudrinšch, Škudrišch)
Škuje (Škuje, Skuje)
Šķietinieks (Schkeetineeks, Schkeetneeks)
Šķilis (Schkillis)
Šmaulis (Šchmaulis)
Šmidberģis (Schmidbergis)
Šmidrovskis (Šmidrowski, Smidrowski)
Šmirberģis (Schmirbergis)
Šmilkšuzeme (Šmilkschusemme)
Šmiltenieks (Šmilteneeks, Šmilteneek, Šmiltineeks, Smiltinieks, Smiltnieks)
Šmits (Schmit)
Šmīdru (Šmihdru)
Šniebergs (Schneebergs)
Šnikers (Šnikker, Snikeris, Šnikkeris, Šnikkers, Sniķķeris)
Šopiņš (Schopin)
Španiņš (Šchpaninšch, Schpaninsch)
Špānis (Šchpahnis)
Špānišs (Špahnišh, Španišch)
Špelštiķis (Špelštikis, Špehltiks)
Šperliņš (Šperlišch, Šperliņsch, Sperlingsch, Sperlinšch, Sperlišch, Schperling, Sperling, Šchperlinšch, Šperlingis, Šperling, Sperlinsch)
Šplīliņš (Šplihlinšch)
Šplītiņš (Šplihtinšch)
Špude (Schpuda, Schpude, Spuda, Schpud, Špuda, Šchpuhde, Šchpuda)
Špurris (Špurris)
Štāls (Schtal, Stahls, Stal, Stahl, Štahls)
Štendevics (Štendewicz)
Šterbvergs (Šterbwerg)
Štiernubuks (Šteernubuks, Steernubuks, Steernasbuks, Šternasbuks, Šteernbuks, Stiernabuks)
Štolcs (Schtolc)
Štragzda (Štragsda)
Štragznis (Štragsnis)
Štrass (Štras)
Štrauis (Štrauis)
Štraume (Štraume)
Štrazds (Štrasds)
Štrikevics (Štrikewicz)
Štrulis (Štrulis)
Štucs (Schtutz)
Šucs (Schütz, Šchütz)
Šudrabiņš (Šudrabin, Sudrabin, Sudrabinšch)
Šuiskovskis (Schuiskowski)
Šulcs (Schulz)
Šunavičs (Šunawicz)
Šunuastis (Šunuastis)
Šurkovskis (Schurkowski)
Šūna (Šuhna)
Švageris (Schwageris)
Švanka (Schwanka)
Švans (Schwans, Schwahn, Schwanz)
Šveiduks (Schweiduks, Schwejduks)
Švelmis (Šwelmis) 


Teičmanis (Teichman)
Teters (Teters, Tetter, Tetteris)
Tēviņš (Tehwing)
Tiškēvics (Tyszkiewicz)
Tīss (Tihs)
Tobijs (Tobie, Tobij)
Tobiuss (Tobius)
Tomuška (Tomuszka, Tomuschka)
Treilibs (Treilibs, Treilib, Treülich)
Treimanis (Treiman)
Trumšins (Trumšin, Trumsim, Trumšim, Trumšims)
Trullis (Trullis)
Tubišs (Tubišch)
Tumuška (Tumušchka)
Tumušs (Tumusc) 


Udrs (Udrs)
Ulmukalns (Ulkans, Ulmukaln, Ulmukalns)
Ulmstau (Ulmstau)
Ulpis (Ulpis, Ulpe)
Unstans (Unstans, Unštand)
Upenieks (Uppineeks, Uppeneeks, Upineek)
Uplejs (Upleis, Uplej, Uplehis, Uplejs)
Usmis (Usmis)
Ušmus (Ušmus)
Ušnis (Ušnis) 


Ūdriņš (Uhdrisch, Uhdrišch, Uhdrin, Uhdrinšch, Uhdrinsch, Udrinsch, Udrin)
Ūdris (Uhdris)
Ūdrus (Uhdrus, Uhdra)
Ūlps (Uhlps)
Ūsiņš (Uhšin) 


Valavics (Wallawicz)
Valciņš (Walciņsch, Walcinšch, Walcinsch, Walcisch)
Valts (Walts)
Vanags (Wanags)
Vangs (Wangs)
Varnovics (Warnowicz)
Vārpiņš (Wahrpinsch, Wahrpin, Wahrpinšch, Wahrpisch, Warpisch)
Vecbrencis (Wecbrencis)
Veckāja (Weckaij, Weckahja, Weckahje)
Veckulbuls (Weckulbul, Weckulbuls, Weckulbulis)
Veckungs (Weckungs, Wecckungs)
Vecsniķers (Wecsniker)
Vecvagars (Wecwagar, Wecwagaris, Wecwaggar)
Vēršis (Wehršis, Wersis)
Vēzis (Wehsis)
Vilguts (Wilguts, Wilgut)
Vilips (Wilips)
Vilkis (Wilkis)
Vilplūcis (Wilplutschis, Wilplutšch, Wilplucis, Wilpluhc, Wilpluhtsch, Wilpluhcis, Wilplutsis, Wilpluc, Wilplutcis)
Vickops (Witckups, Wickops, Wickups, Witkops, Witckops)
Vīngriezis (Winhgriesis)
Vītiņš (Wihtiņsh, Witisch, Wihtinšch, Wihtinsch, Wihtisch, Wihtinschs)
Vītoliņš (Wihtoliņsh, Wihtolis, Witolisch,Wihtols, Wihtolišch, Wihtolinšch, Wihtolin, Witolinsch, Witolin)
Vītols (Wihtols)
Vīze (Wihse)
Voinovskis (Woynowski) 


Zalpiņš (Salpiņsch, Salpin)
Zaļmežs (Salmesch)
Zaļums (Salums, Sallums)
Zandaravics (Sandarawicz)
Zandavics (Sandawicz)
Zandovska (Sandowska)
Zarinskis (Sarinski)
Zariņš (Sarini, Saryni, Sarrine, Sarrini, Sarrinsch, Šarin)
Zars (Sars)
Zarupskis (Sarupski, Sarrupski, Sarobski)
Zatkals (Satkal)
Zāgels (Sahgels)
Zāģeris (Sahgers, Sahgeris)
Zeltakalns (Seltakalns, Seltakaln)
Zeltiņš (Seltinšch, Seltišch, Seltinsch, Seltisch)
Zemarājs (Semarais, Semarajs, Semmarais, Semmarajs)
Zemesstrādnieks (Semmesstrahdneeks, Semesstradneeks, Semmesštradineeks)
Zemurbis (Semurbis)
Zemzaris (Semsaris, Semzarits)
Ziemers (Seemers)
Zikmanis (Sikmans)
Zommers (Sommers)
Zondavics (Sondawicz)
Zundbergis (Sundbergis, Sundberg, Sunbergis)
Zundiņš (Sundinšch)
Zundovskis (Sundowskis)
Zvaguls (Swaguls, Swagul, Swagulis, Swagalis)
Zvejs (Sweis, Sweije, Swehis)
Zvengels (Swengels, Sweņgelis) 


Žogarājs (Sohgarajs)
Žogis (Šohgis)
Žurkovski (Schurkowski)